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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When measuring blood pressure, pay attention to the following points: - Relax before measuring blood pressure. It's best to sit down and rest for 10-15 minutes before measurement, waiting for a stable heartbeat before proceeding. Stay focused during the measurement and avoid moving or talking. - The cuff should be at the same level as the heart, with the palm facing up, and should not be clenched into a fist. - Choose a chair with a backrest if possible, keep your feet on the ground, and avoid crossing your legs. - Avoid caffeine, smoking, or alcohol before measurement. - Measure blood pressure at the same time every day. - When wearing thin clothing, you can measure directly. If wearing thick clothing or a coat, remove them first. - Do not measure repeatedly in a short period of time, as it can cause arm congestion and inaccurate results. Allow a 3-minute interval between each measurement. - Pay attention to the correct placement of the cuff. Looseness or looseness can result in inaccurate measurements. - Avoid measuring blood pressure after exercise, bathing, or meals. - For morning measurements, it is recommended to measure after using the toilet, as blood pressure tends to be less stable when there is a need to urinate or have bowel movements.